Saul Bass’s Academy Award-Winning Short (1968)

Saul’s Bass’s 1968 Academy-Award winner “Why Man Creates” immediately announces itself as “a series of explorations, episodes & comments on creativity”.  Bass, best known for his myriad movie poster artwork and title sequence design as well as a number of corporate logos, offers up countless memorable moments over the course of this film: an interpretation of human civilization that ends not in a bang but a cough (“Part 1: the Edifice”), a maverick ping pong ball that feels a need to rise above his station (“Part 5: A Parable”) and a slew of other memorable gems make up this 22- minute work by a master.  I was so impressed that the Academy was interested in honoring sincere creativity in 1968 that I began to search out other winners from the era. I really hope you enjoy this.

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