Modiano’s Minimalist Posters



Modiano is probably not a name that a lot of American’s are familiar with, but the company has been around since the late-19th century when they produced mainly cigarette papers.  Through the years they have expanded to producing advertising posters, cardboard goods, and playing cards.  During the early decades of the 19th century they produced crisp, minimal, no-frills ads for themselves that deserve to be seen – even if a couple of them might be a bit fuzzy on the PC scale these days (you will know which ones I am talking about).  If print-ads were this austere and nuanced nowadays, maybe I would pay more attention when flipping through the first 50 pages of just about every magazine out there.  As someone who has recently kicked the habit I probably shouldn’t be spending my time looking up cigarette ads.  Hopefully these images make you want to create bold-line paintings or cut-paper art more than light one up.

Modiano 5 modiano3 modiano4 modiano6


M28160-385 001

Modiano 2

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