Josh Lane’s Amazing Nerd-centric Art

Alone Josh Lane Print
Alone – Josh Lane

In case you are still writing the wrong dates on….what are people physically writing these days?….(blank)……..well, that kills the momentum but still leads me to my original point: it is 2014!!!  Which means that we are already in the future and most of our future-expectations have not occurred yet (And yes, there is still more future where this came from but think about it, not only do most people not write anything down anymore, but you can lock your house from your cell phone AND there is a group taking applications for the first human colony on Mars so, yeah, it’s the future). An even more obvious sign that it is the future is that nerds are mainstream now which might cause a fair amount of nerd-rage, but causes me a great amount of joy!  Reason being: at the very least this means more people are learning to be OK with being into what they are into and hopefully this accepting-of-oneself means more people being able to build relationships upon actual common interests, which might lead them to being interested in each other, which would hopefully lead to at least some of the population being a little less lonely, but I digress….

Josh Lane-Power Glove
Josh Lane combines Wolverine’s iconic hand with Nintendo’s iconic-to-nerds Power Glove. True nerdom is revealed in his (perfect) decision to illustrate the in the 8-bit look that is synonymous with Nintendo.

It might be hard to pinpoint nerds nowadays being that “nerd” seems to have become the new way to say enthusiast, even though in the past only nerds would have said “enthusiast”.  One self-described nerd who knows what he is talking about is Josh Lane.  Mr. Lane uses a connoisseur’s eye to offer up iconic details so that no matter which of his many styles he is working within his subjects are recognizable and always lovingly rendered, even if they are pulled apart, made into grotesque monsters, or fit into a Tetris screen. As for his nerd credentials, one doesn’t have to look much further than his work itself: it is not every illustrator who would deconstruct some of nerdom’s favorite machines for a series called “Decommissioned:”, create a series of or make a chart his favorite characters from pop culture “in classic mario pose” not once (below) but twice!     Check out some of his other pieces below:

Josh Lane - Super
While many of these characters are not specifically nerdy (Ron Swanson, Cap’n Crunch, Michelangelo) the decision to put them altogether in “the mario pose” certainly is…but I love knowing that Lane and I have a lot of shared interests. I think I recognize all of them. How many can you name? (Share in the comments)

Josh Lane - Iconic Transport

Josh Lane - BB
Josh’s illustrations often exist as a part of a series. This Breaking Bad print from his Artifacts series is one of my favorite series. Looking over the prints and being reminded of the moments/themes of the subject is incredibly fun, plus Lane’s loose illustration style is spot-on for this series.

Josh LN-Get Lucky

In case you didn’t click on any of those, head over to Josh’s society6 page to see a lot more. Buy a shirt or print from him for the nerd in your life.  Support the creative individuals of the world AND have a more original T-shirt than it will be when Urban Outfitters steals it.

This image, from the Hero-Glyphs series, is the first of Lane’s that I had ever seen.

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