Solson Publications Reagan's Raiders cover

Solson’s Bizarre Comics

Popular culture has always had its fair share of weirdos and kitsch-peddlers for the rest of to love or hate or just gawk at.  Pop culture in the 1980s was pretty much a constant parade of oddballs and eccentrics finding ways to shock the mainstream (Make-up on everyone! Provocative music videos! Lots of synthesizers!) and make money doing it.
Then came 1986 and Solson Publications.  Long story short: the son of a Marvel Comics executive strikes out on his own and creates his own company and it lasts about a year before going under (none of Solson’s titles made it past their third issue).   Now before you get all misty-eyed let me just show you some of Solson’s titles and you can ask yourself, Would I have bought that?

Enjoy these.  I hope you get as big of a kick out of them as I did.

Solson Publications Reagan's Raiders cover

Solson Publications Bushido Blade Zatoichi Walrus Solson Publications Those Crazy Peckers

Solson Publications Samurai Santa cover Solson Publications Sultry Teenage Super Foxes

Yes…these were at one point the brand new releases by a fledgling company.  Ahhh, to be a rich man’s son.

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