Kioskerman’s Whimsical Haven

Currently there are 12 books on my bedside table and the last few nights I have been picking up a certain one of them almost exclusively.  Of the two stacks that occupy all of the space on said table it is the smallest volume by all dimensions and it found its place there more by happenstance than as a result of a particular intention-to-read. The tiny book of comics that I speak of is called  EDEN and it is a collection of comics by one Pablo Holmberg (known more under his pen name, KIOSKERMAN).  The Argentinean’s comic takes place in a world other than our own, one that can be described simply – but profoundly – as Edenic; a prelapsarian feudal-seeming world whose king wages no wars but looks for answers to existence, where animals speak to the humans and to one another to offer assistance and advice, where the humans forgive and accept one another exactly as they are, and where Kioskerman offers exquisite vignettes of beauty in page after page of evocative, stylized drawings.

kioskerman1 kioskerman2 kioskerman3 kioskerman4

If these pages make your heart leap even a little bit, I’d suggest heading over to Drawn & Quarterly and picking up a copy for yourself or someone you love.  I can assure that you will be going back to this book time and time again.

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