Author Hari Kunzru and 20 visual artists collaborated on MEMORY PALACE

Némo Tral
Némo Tral’s piece for the MEMORY PALACE show

From June-October of last year in Great Britain a spectacular collaborative creation was on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the form of Sky Art Ignition: Memory Palace.  It is described on the museum’s website as such “a multidimensional story…Memory Palace explored how a story might be imagined in a different format – as a walk-in book.”  The story takes place in a future London after a magnetic storm has destroyed the world’s online-cloud information structure, where the most dangerous people are a sect who are trying to revive the “ancient ‘art of remembering'”.

I initially learned about Memory Palace when I ran across Luke Pearson’s contribution to it on his site, then I got more curious as had my mind blown by both the concept by most of the other pieces that made up the show.  I love the way that the three-dimensional and ‘walk-in book’  ideas speak to the tactile and complex nature of memory and, while I love seeing the disparate styles and visions that came together to create this work, I really would have loved to have been seen it in person, to have been able to walk-through it and experience it as Kunzru and the artists had intended.  Oh well, until the show comes to the Northeast U.S. and I am able to see it in person, please enjoy these selections from MEMORY PALACE:

Åbäke’s MP piece
Na Kim’s piece
Stuart Kolakovic’s piece
A drawing of Henning Wagenbreth’s piece for MP

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