HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! from dr wormhole

Today my wife shared this comic with me. It pretty much encapsulates my worldview so she was spot on in thinking of me immediately when she saw it.  She originally found it on Hyperallergic, courtesy artist Lauren Purje.
To editorialize for a minute: 2013 was a difficult year for me in a number of ways but a lot of great things happened (starting this blog, for instance).  Also, I have a wealth of ideas and thoughts that I am looking forward to working on and – after a stressful end-of-December living-space move – I have a lot that I want to share with you all, including writing some more insightful pieces as well as conducting some interviews with people who create things.  I have been very encouraged by the followers and comments I’ve gotten and want to thank you all immensely.
My hope is that you have a great and productive 2014, that we will collaborate and collectivize with others to make all of your dreams/projects/goals happen.  And never forget to be excellent to each other!

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