The Exquisite Kitchen Sink of Saint She

Artwork by Simon Husslein

A few years ago, my friend Nadia traveled to Sweden for a couple of months and made a record while she was there.  The result is Saint She, a work that she describes as being “based on the idea of secrets, the act of keeping them, and the ‘telephone’ or ‘whispering’ game many played as a child”.  We exchanged many emails while she was over there and I was able to share in her excitement as she worked on it and a couple of months after she returned to Philadelphia and finished mixing it I had a chance to hear it and was – simply put – blown away.  (I am usually very proud of my friends for what they create, but Saint She is in a galaxy all unto itself.)  I was not only proud of Nadia when she first shared it with me…I was overcome by the joy of being friends with so talented a person.  Today, I want to share her work with you.  Fans of contemporary classical music or experimental electronic will hopefully find as much to love as I do in the 41-minute piece.

Listen or download it Saint She over at the Internet Archive where she is sharing it under the Creative Commons license.

I really hope you enjoy it.

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