Is Keith Shore Philadelphia’s Most-Seen Artist? I’m Thinking So.

Recently I was at a bottle shop here in Philadelphia (where antiquated state-wide laws make it so that one can only buy beer at bars or at licensed establishment commonly called “bottle shops”) and I noticed something strangely wonderful about the labels on Mikkeller beers. During the month of August 2013 someone at Mikkeller made the decision to create a consistent visual brand, bringing on the incredibly talented Keith Shore and what he is  doing for them is doodle-y, clever and outright wonderful:

Lervig.Mikkeller.IIPA sur.munk1

Since Mikkeller is widely considered one of the greatest brewers in the world, and since they export their beer from Denmark to around 40 different countries, I’m under the impression that more eyes are getting onto Keith’s artwork than most other Philadelphia artists, which is cause for celebration!!  It only makes sense that a great artist from one of America’s great beer cities would become the man to do the visual branding work for – what I believe – is truly the greatest name in beer.  If you enjoy beer and have not made the dive into Mikkeller’s world, save up a little money and go to wherever you buy great beer in your area and pick up a couple of their beers.  I can promise you that you won’t regret it.

MonksBrew.bourbon GeorgeMake sure click on links to Keith Shore and Mikkeller’s websites to learn more about what they both do.  Awesome things happen when people at the top of their game are working together. Collaborate people!

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