Who is René Duvillier? Really, who is he?

Rene Duvillier Serpent de Mer 1955 painting
Serpent de Mer, 1955

If anyone knows anything about an artist named René Duvillier, please share some information with me. I came across some paintings of his today and I really like them, but can’t find much out about the man himself.   Having a pretty serious jones for modernist art (especially in the abstract vein) I was immediately drawn to Serpent de Mer, with its near-symmetry, very limited color palate, and disembodied forked tongue (which is about the only thing that gives this away as being a serpent, representationally speaking).  But it wasn’t until after I got past Serpent and saw some of his later work His style gets more involved and he starts laying his paint on the canvas very thick,  creating movement and depth of field that is even compelling when it is seen on a computer screen.  With any luck I will have a chance to see some of his work in person one of these days.  Anyway, I couldn’t find much more information about Duvillier than I was able to scrounge up on the French Wikipedia article and I would love to learn from someone who might actually, you know, be a human being.

Cycle aérien, 1965


Le Regard-gouffre, 1967
Vision expressive, 1968

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