Matt Owens And the Art of Distillation


Matt Owens runs a blog called Brickhut where he shares his illustrators with the world.  Judging by the work that he produces for LACMA, at least some folks out there have already started to take notice.

In case you haven’t come across Mr. Owens work before I want to encourage you to go to his site and take a look through the poster designs…as I mention in the name of this post, Mr. Owens uses iconic images/moments of the film in question in order to create beautifully composed posters with balanced color palates and clean, simply, drawn images. Anyone familiar with the movie in question can read the poster easily enough and – I would imagine – the uninitiated might have their interest piqued.  For example, you probably recognized exactly what film the image above represents since Mr. Owens used Holly’s iconic pose/shape and her equally iconic cigarette-holder as the only elements of the design, but – and notice Owens’ genius here – whereas the holder is symmetrical and solid, Holly is made of the cigarette’s smoke…recall how often in the film Holly talks about having no place that she belongs and about being a free spirit. I commend Mr Owens on the great choice in using smoke to represent this central aspect of not only Audrey Hepberun’s most perfect characters but of the film itself (Holly dealing with the way that her “airy” free-spirit life-style oftentimes keeps her from getting what she most sincerely wants).

OK, OK, enough analyzing from me…I was just so glad that not only are Mr. Owens images beautiful, but they are all that well thought out.  Take a look at a few of my other favorites below and check out more of Mr. Owens work at Brickhut:


groundhogdaybttftrilogy threeamigos1

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