What’s It Like To Be Frankenstein’s monster?

Today I watched Georges Schwizgebel 1982 animated film “Le Ravissement de Frank N. Stein” and, believe it or not, I think I experienced to a degree what it must have been like for Dr. Frankenstein’s creation.  I can assure you that this was the intention of the filmmakers so I am glad to know that they achieved what they set out to do.

Frank 1


The drawings throughout the film are beautiful (as you can sell) and Schwizgebel is clever and economical in his use of simple repetitive dream-like sequences, which underscore the film’s theme of searching for some meaning (while at the same time being a perfect example of “the filmmaker’s command of the audiences gaze”).  Also, there is a stylistic resemblance between many of the film’s frames and certain paintings by Chirico which I appreciated greatly.Frank 2Throughout the film there is a naturally, lurching pace that allows for the slight changes in the environment to take upon an eerie and sometimes even outright frightening.

Frank 3

You ready to give it a shot?  Strap yourself in:

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