His FACE ALL RED – Emily Carroll; webcomic, 2010


Emily Carroll is a seriously talented woman!
I had never seen or read anything by her before seeing His Face All Red listed on a Buzzfeed list that came out earlier this year (full disclosure: I try to avoid BF because I waste too much time on it, but I had not been keeping up with webcomics and it seemed like an easy enough way to get myself up to speed).  At any rate, I loved the image that BF provided for His Face All Red so I decided to check it out and – damn!!  Suffice it to say, I am very much looking forward to reading Ms. Carroll’s other work.

The artwork is no-frills but without losing its expressiveness and beauty, thanks in large part to the intelligent use of colors throughout.  What impressed me most is Ms. Carroll’s use of the web to create a tension and pacing that would not be possible in any other medium, which allows this short tale to burn itself into the brain after just one reading. Take your time with this one and enjoy these elements – and don’t worry: it is just as good upon re-reading (I’ve shared it with about 5 people at this point and have a blast taking them through it).  Happy reading!

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