The Brutal Pop of Baths’ Obsidian

Baths – ObsidianWill Wiesenfeld

Will Wiesenfeld is a twenty-four year old Los Angeles native who makes electronic pop music under the moniker Baths.  His 2010 album Cerulean drew comparisons to Flying Lotus, Bjork, and Aphex Twin – and for good reason, its 14 tracks allowing the young producer to explore the many gradations of the phrase “bedroom electronic music”.  Three years later and Wiesenfeld has unleashed one hell of a deceptively dark sunny pop album on the world and it is phenomenal (so much so that the re-united Postal Service brought Baths out to open up on a number of shows this year – which, by the way, I would assume that Ben Gibbard wishes he could be this sincere and not sound like a man-baby).

“I might walk upright/ But then again/ I might still try to die”, he sings on album opener “Worsening”, before going on to lay his soul impressively bare for another 9 tracks of songs so frightening in their sincerity (perhaps they are only frighteningly sincere) that I wonder how the acoustic-guitar-and-voice singer/songwriters of future days are ever going to pull off being so earnest without making their audience want to move their asses as much as Obsidian does.  Check out Baths’ Tiny Desk Concert below to hear exactly what Wiesenfeld’s combination of catchy pop + beautiful vocals + bleak subject matter really sounds like.  I am hoping you enjoy it:

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