Eugene Fedorenko’s EVERY CHILD – Canada, 1979

This Oscar-winning animated short begins with the following text (which you will not see in the above video but you can see here): “produced to celebrate UNICEF’s Declaration of Children’s Rights

at the invitation of United Nations Children’s Fund The National Film Board of Canada presents

THE CHILD SHALL BE ENTITLED FROM BIRTH TO A NAME AND A NATIONALITY (article 7 of the official convention – not put into 1990, ed.)”

It’s amazing how much this film does in its six minutes and how well it stays true to the declared theme without losing itself to inane moralizing.

The story is simple, as an unwanted orphan is (literally) passed down a line of neighbors, each with their own reasons for not keeping the child, which are, sadly, those same issues cause many to feel that they were neglected/unwanted as children; as an example, the first recipient begins the film muttering over paperwork and growling into a telephone before his doorbell rings and he takes the baby in, gets a laugh out of it, and is then “called back” to work by the ceaselessly-ringing phone. Sound like anyone you know?
There is no need for me to break the whole thing down for you. It’s only 6 minutes long.

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